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The Line Drive Handbook

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  • I'm always asked what my hitting sessions look like. I've decided to answer that question through "The Line Drive Handbook." The goal for my hitters is to hit hard line drives all over the field, regardless of who is on the mound. While each hitter is unique and needs individual work, the drills, constraints, and movements in "The Line Drive Handbook" will help any player get their swing locked in.


    "The Line Drive Handbook" includes 36 pages and 27 videos with the following points of emphasis fully detailed: 


    • mindset
    • hip mobility work
    • PVC patterning
    • medicine ball throws
    • constraint drills
    • full tee and soft toss series
    • hitting off of velocity
  • "I’ve dedicated my career to studying the game of baseball inside and out, but there are few that I’ve come across like Ryan Fuller. He understands the art and the science of hitting to a tee and truly cares about every player that he brings value to. The handbook that he’s developed is full of excellent information. Quite frankly, the equation is simple. If you want to improve your game as a hitter, then you have to learn from someone who is relatable, knowledgeable, and understands hitting...that someone is Ryan Fuller."


    - Diamyn Hall, Baseball's #1 Mental Coach



    "Ryan is a great resource for hitters who are looking to improve their game. Some people become intimidated when you mention technology in hitting. Ryan is able to understand the data and relate it in a manner that makes sense to kids and parents. I've enjoyed watching the content that Ryan has put out and am excited to see what he has in store for the future!"


    - Patrick Jones, Former professional baseball player and host of "Patrick Jones Baseball" Podcast.



    "Ryan is one of those coaches that is helping to progress hitters in the right direction. Innovative, creative, knowledgable, and passionate. Above all else, he cares. Not only for his hitter's careers, but more importantly, their lives."


    - Hunter Mense, Hitting Coordinator for the Toronto Blue Jays

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